Fatboy Slim renames Brighton and Hove Albion Ground for launch Party

Fatboy Slim’s new album is set for a totally unique launch party.

Brighton and Hove Albion Football Club are going to be playing their Coca Cola Championship match against Sheffield United in Palookaville on the 2nd October 2004. For one special occasion the Albion’s Withdean ground in Brighton is going to be renamed ‘Palookaville’, the title of Fatboy Slim’s new LP.

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Norman Cook’s support for his local team Brighton and Hove Albion is well known and Skint Record’s sponsorship of Albion’s football shirts is now in its sixth season. This special renaming takes things one step further. It is fair to say that nothing like this has ever been done at a football club before.


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Norman will be in attendance to watch Brighton and Hove Albion play in Palookaville. On the day Brighton And Hove Albion will take to the pitch in a special strip, with ‘Palookaville’ replacing the normal Skint logo, after receiving special dispensation from the football league. The new Fatboy Slim album will also be premiered to the 7000 strong capacity crowd – possibly setting a record for the biggest pre-release album playback ever!

The renaming of the ground and the party isn’t just to celebrate the release of the new album by Fatboy Slim. Followers of Brighton and Hove Albion will be quick to point out that their team are stuck in Palookaville anyway. After the previous owners sold the club’s former home, the Goldstone Ground, they now find themselves in the idyllic but not ideal Withdean Stadium. A council owned ground that only holds 7000 fans with thousands of unlucky supporters forced to miss out on supporting their local team. A lovely new stadium in Falmer is locked in public inquiries, with John Prescott sending the planning application off to yet another inquiry just a few weeks ago. Until the new stadium gets the go-ahead, Brighton And Hove Albion are stuck in nowheresville, a Palookaville all their own. The special renaming of the ground will also help broadcast the Albion’s plight loud and clear.

It’s going to be one special game. Fatboy Slim’s ‘Palookaville’ album is released on the 4th October 2004.

Norman Cook comments: “I have been a Brighton and Hove Albion fans for years. Palookaville’s coming home!”

Dick Knight, Chairman of Brighton and Hove Albion comments: “We’ve had a great relationship with Skint Records and Norman for over five years, during which time like every Albion fan they’ve experienced the quaint idiosyncrasies of our temporary home. So when Norman came up with the name of his new album – ‘Palookaville’ (a place for bums on cold wet seats and no shelter) it seemed totally appropriate to re-christen Withdean for the launch home game. It’s a bit of fun and the irony won’t be lost on everyone who knows why we need a proper stadium. We’ll also take the field against Sheffield United wearing our new navy alternative change strip, sporting ‘Palookaville’ on the front instead of the usual Skint logo. We’ll also wear this shirt at some big away games following. When Brighton comes calling on the ex-Premiership big shots, they need to know where we’re coming from.”

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