Falling Stars – Running, Pacing and Learning to Crawl

Yet again Falling Sars has delivered a sucessful multi-genre cd in which anyone can listen to and not feel like they are “out of their league” when trying a different specific genre. They chose to put an intro on this second album, a very silly (as are the band members) little skit. Than after a scratch of the record the bang right into a funny leric, up beat “Sugar Daddy”, a swing tune. “Synthetic Boyfriend” is a light hearted way of saying my ex was “a lying, filthy cheater” and offers a cool switch between driving rock and old school doowop. “Beneath the Veil” offers insane saxiphone and clarinett rock parts, along with a screaming guitar solo at the end and a haunting guitar riff in the beginning, almost as if water is dripping and the guitar is crying. “Could” is a sweet pop rock ballad that lists reasons why you fall in love and how love can be intoxicating. “Slip” is a powerful up tempo pop rock piece, many have said it’s their favorite track off the album. “Internal War” is a very personal track about relationships and has some nice harmonica and guitar work in it. “The Story Untold” is just that, a unique piece, the only solo piece lead singer Caryn Feder has recorded on a Falling Stars album. The punk song “Duck” is extremely catchy and will be stuck in your head for days (a rare thing, there’s actually a curse word in this one). “Half You’re Age” is a well put together track, heavy on keyboard and guitar, and is about an old guy following a girl around. Funny stuff. If you like good music and a sence of humor, Falling Stars is your ticket to nirvana.

Caryn Feder


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