Evil Ed – The Enthusiast (CD Review)

This is the debut album proper, if you don’t count his mixtapes, from the self confessed hip-hop geek with a deep love of the genre. Evil Ed’s move from producer to artist is accompanied by a host of British hip-hop talent – check out the track listing below to see his legion of guests.

‘The Enthusiast’ is a soulful and spirited album. These features are evoked through the nodding beats, hazy bass and slick scratching that permeate the whole album. Layers of richness are created through the delicate horn and piano samples but the real vibe is delivered through the flowing and melodic rapping. The variety of well chosen voices, with their well balanced blend of humour and pathos, included on the album makes for a compelling listen from start to finish.

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This is a worthy tribute to the vast breadth of talent that exists all over the UK in the hip-hop scene.

Label : Janomi Records

Release Date : 06 December 2004

Website : www.janomi.co.uk

Tracklisting :

  1. Intro (The Enthusiast)

feat. Eddie Skratch

  • The Ed Zone
  • feat. Jehst

  • Nico Suave
  • feat. Yungun

  • Warm Things Up (Skit)
  • feat. Dupa Styles

  • A New Way Of Thinking
  • feat. Ricochet

  • Black Stallions
  • feat. Kyza

  • Sweeny Todd (Skit)
  • feat. AH Fly

  • Branded
  • feat. The Colony

  • The Cavalry

  • feat. Tommy Evans, Ricochet, Yungun, Jibbarish, Doc Brown & Diablo

  • Great Expectations
  • feat. Microdisiacs

  • Alive (Skit)
  • Have U 4Gotten
  • feat. Lost Souls

  • Captains Of…
  • feat. A-Love

  • The Audio Obstacle Course
  • feat. Eddie Skratch & DJ Index

  • Raw Spuds
  • feat. Probe Mantis & Junior Disprol

  • Playin’ The Game
  • feat. Asaviour

  • Experts
  • feat. Mr Thing

  • Think Back
  • feat. Doc Brown

  • Lesson (Interlude)
  • Life’s A Struggle
  • feat. Mic Assassin & Tommy Evans

  • Weed
  • feat. Jehst & Asaviour

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