Every Move A Picture – HEART = WEAPON (CD Review)

This is the debut album for the San Francisco quartet whose trade in indie-dance-punk that gets right under your skin blasted forward with the power of mainly guitars the melodic wails with a splash of keyboards. There is great deal of energy here, more than enough for three albums. As you listen there is wave after wave of beats and hooks that will infect you and have you wanting to hear it again.

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Every Move A Picture have the verve of !!! at their best, the spirit of DFA influenced Rapture, the energy of Radio 4 and are just so much better than LCD Soundsystem. Keep an eye on the press for UK tour dates to be announced.

Label : V2

Release Date : 05 June 2006

Website : www.everymoveapicture.com


  • Mission Bell
  • Signs Of Life
  • Best Is On The Outside
  • Chemical Burns
  • Outlaw
  • Dust
  • Simple Lessons In Love And Secession
  • On The Edge Of Something Beautiful
  • Dixie
  • St John’s Night
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