Erase Errata – Other Animals

If you had to find a genre for this San Diego based, all girl four-piece band then you would be in a world of trouble. ‘No Wave’ is close but you run the risk of sounding like a muso wanker for delving so deeply into the subdivisions of genres. Better to say the truth: These ladies defy convention with every note that is sung and played. They are what true great experimentalism should be, and that is new and unique without forgetting that music should be listenable and fun, beautiful and from the heart. There are elements of so many styles here, if you are so inclined to dissect them, from Ska to punk, art school rock to old school indie and many more.

The tracks are often angular and jerky; with staccato guitars accompanying determined piercing vocals. Often appearing chaotic but never out of control. They have the good sense to rein it in when it needs it.

Loved by indie rock luminaries like The Fall, Le Tigre and Sonic Youth while being equated to classic artists like Sleater Kinney, ESG and Captain BeefheartErase Errata would seem to be able to do no wrong.

This is Erase Errata‘s debut and I can see it becoming a classic of it’s own genre. It grows on you more with every play. Be sure to catch them if you can on their last UK gig for this tour (as far as I am aware) at The Splitz in London on November 2.

Unique, in the best sense of the word, and well worth top marks.

Label : Tsk! Tsk! Records

Release Date : Out Now

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