Envelopes – Sister In Love (CD Review)

‘Sister In Love’ is brashly, egregiously and unremittingly happy and strange. After several listens it makes no more sense to me than when I first heard it. For all that, and most likely because of it, I am finding myself liking the bizarre Swedish popsters. There are remixes available on the 10″ version of the single from Sam E Danger who adds squelchy effects, calliope style diversions and a metronomic drum beat that makes the whole track even stranger and more lovable. The Clor remix – incidentally the only track to go over 3 minutes on either of these singles, Envelopes clearly prefer to be short and sweet – is by far the most ‘normal’ despite the zooming effects whooshing in from the left-field and the curiously progressive backing.

Buy Demon from Amazon.co.uk
Buy Demon from Amazon.co.uk

The CD is backed with the delightfully electro-folksy ‘The Nicotines’ and an acoustic version of ‘It Is The Law’. Envelopes released debut album ‘Demon’ earlier this month.

Label : Psychotic Reaction

Release Date : 03 October 2005

Website : www.envelopes.se

Tracklisting CD

  • Sister In Love
  • The Nicotines
  • It Is The Law (Acoustic Version)

Tracklisting 10″

  • Sister In Love (Sam E Danger of Test Icicles Remix)
  • Sister In Love (Clor Remix)

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