Emetrex – Wish Me Dead

Emetrex have hit the nail squarely on the head with their stoner indie sound on this, their second album. All the benefits of stoner rock are there but without the low end grumbling that so often removes the possibility of experimentation and distinction between songs.

The album opens with the two download singles that preceded this release, I Think The Sun Makes Me Move and Hammer In My Skull, and the forthcoming Secret Parts that will bookend it. These first two tracks show the band at their noisiest while Rick Lescault’s soft voice slowly drifts with a tone that makes everything seem okay. The third sees tinny electronic drums and synths take over the rhythm section and is the first taste of the diversity that permeates Wish Me Dead.

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  • From this point, the album remains largely rocky until three tracks from the end Harsh Kingdom comes in. When this song, which sounds like it was recorded late at night in a darkened room, arrives it really shows the skilful song writing on this record at a base level.

    Like A Dog Beneath your Feet, which closes the album, shows a further side to Emetrex. Played on a keyboard that sounds like its last job was on the Terminator theme and with vocals that have an almost Gaelic quality, it sounds reminiscent of Black Snow by The Copperpot Journals.

    Despite the title, Wish Me Dead is far from an aggressive album. It will calm you as much as it will excite you.

    Label: Seriously Groovy
    Website: www.seriouslygroovy.com
    Release date: 4th April 2005


    1. I Think The Sun Makes Me Move
    2. Hammer In My Skull
    3. Secret Parts
    4. Wish Me Dead
    5. Fade, Fade, Fade
    6. Shepherd’s Pantry
    7. Resonate (With Hate)
    8. Molly Hatchet
    9. Harsh Kingdom
    10. Blue & Green
    11. Like A Dog Beneath Your Feet

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