Elf Power – Creatures – Album review

Any band whose first release has the great title of ‘Vainly Clutching at Phantom Limbs’ has to be worth a listen. Elf Power are part of a strange collective of artists called Elephant 6 and appear to be very fond of Tolkien and Phillip K Dick.

They are, in short, a bit odd.

They are also very good. ‘Creatures’ is a mix of styles and genre. There is good old rock alongside alt country twangs, twee indie and pure pop. Andrew Rieger’s vocals are engaging and heartfelt. There is a easy nonchalance running through these songs despite the frequent changes in direction. Great songs like ‘Things That Should Not Be’ and ‘Everlasting Scream’ are both beautifully written and have the catchiness that marks out an unalloyed pop treat. Buy this album and you will love it’s kookiness.

Elvish is still the king! 4/5 Thangewvermuch…

Label : Shifty Disco

Release Date : Out Now

Track listing
Let The Serpent Sleep
Everlasting Scream
The Creature
Palace Of The Flames
The Modern Mind
Visions Of The Sea
Things That Should Not Be
Three Seeds
The Haze
Unseen Hand
The Creature Part II

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