Eels – Blinking Lights & Other Revelations (CD Review)

Eels have created a massive 33 track double album based around “God and all the questions related to the subject of God”, and it is in the classic Eels mode of delightfully sung introspections that can be as touchingly sad and uplifting by turns. There are a great number of very personal songs that were, in the main, recorded in Mr E’s LA basement during the last few years. In tone this album is closer to ‘Daisies Of The Galaxy’ than the harder ‘Souljacker’. The album also features guest spots from Tom Waits, Peter Buck (REM), John Sebastian (The Lovin’ Spoonful) and even Bobby, Jr (his dog).

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Of the pleasures contained within some upbeat numbers like (the next single, due May 2nd) ‘Hey Man (Now Your Really Living)’ are great with handclaps and soul man screams. While the spooky rock of ‘Old shit/new shit’ is incredibly catchy. Then there are dreamy tracks that melt away as you listen like ‘Marie Floating Over The Back Yard’ and ‘Last Time We Spoke’.

The album is quality, as you’d expect from Eels, and never fails to be a beguiling blend of new and old, interesting angles and contrasts.

Label : Vagrant

Release Date : 25 April 2005

Website :


    Disk 1:

  • 1. Theme From Blinking Lights
  • 2. From Which I Came/ A Magic World
  • 3. Son Of A Bitch
  • 4. Blinking Lights (For Me)
  • 5. Trouble With Dreams
  • 6. Marie Floating Over The Backyard
  • 7. Suicide Life
  • 8. InThe Yard, Behind The Church
  • 9. Railroad Man
  • 10. The Other Shoe
  • 11. Last Time We Spoke
  • 12. Mother Mary
  • 13. Going Fetal
  • 14. Understanding Salesmen
  • 15. Theme For A Pretty Girl That Makes You Believe God Exists
  • 16. Checkout Blues
  • 17. Blinking Lights (For You)

Disk 2:

  • 1. Dust Of Ages
  • 2. Old Shit/ New Shit
  • 3. Bride Of Theme From Blinking Lights
  • 4. Hey Man (Now You’re Really Living)
  • 5. I’m Going To Stop Pretending That I Didn’t Break Your Heart
  • 6. To Lick Your Boots
  • 7. If You See Natalie
  • 8. Sweet Li’l Thing
  • 9. Dusk: A Peach In The Orchard
  • 10. Whatever Happened To Soy Bomb
  • 11. Ugly Love
  • 12. God’s Silence
  • 13. Losing Streak
  • 14. Last Days Of My Bitter Heart
  • 15. The Stars Shine In The Sky Tonight
  • 16. Things The Grandchildren Should Know

Ramdom Fact : Mr E (aka Mark Everett) is the son of famed quantum physicist Hugh Everett III, author of the Many Worlds Theory,

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