Editors, Birmingham Academy 2, 28th July 2005

With the release of their debut album on Monday, The Back Room, tonight was Editors’ home-coming to Birmingham. This was their biggest ever headline gig and, perhaps understandably, it wasn’t their most comfortable performance.

This isn’t to say it was nervy- Editors are a very well travelled band and even when slightly below par they can inspire a crowd. Singer Tom Smith is a
coiled spring of energy who is all angled expressions until he explodes into life, using every inch of the stage. Unfortunately for him, he sprang a bit early at one point, getting to the chorus of recent hit Munich earlier than the rest of the band. They kept it together, but it seemed to leave him
partially subdued for the rest of the gig.

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Not like the crowd, who found themselves more and more drawn in to the band. Their enthusiasm rose as other singles Bullets and Blood were played, until
the show’s finishing song, Fingers In The Factories. Judging by how this was received, and how it was played at the end of the night, it seems very
likely to be their next single.

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Editors are fighting their way past comparisons to Joy Division and Echo and The Bunnymen that have dogged them since their early days of signing to
Kitchenware, but in attracting fans unlikely to know a lot about these bands, you have to concede that they are doing something right.

Many thanks again to reviewer Marknlard

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