Editors – Back Room (CD Review)

Editors have been having a good year so far. 2005 has seen the rapid sell out of their debut single (‘Bullets’), ‘Munich’ went straight into the top 25 singles and now their debut album out. The low key air, hollow tones and nods to Eighties alternative acts like The Cure, Echo and the Bunnymen and Joy Division driving many of their tracks will sound familiar to the old school and inspire a traditional catharsis in depressive angst-ridden teens alike.

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Amongst the tragedy and melancholy there are some uplifting moments; ‘Camera’ and ‘Fingers In The Factories’ build into defiant anthems for example. There is a lot of space to the Editors sound, a kind of empty space that is uncluttered or perhaps distilled. The music has a lo-fi edge and a charm that is rendered in a slightly unbalanced and destructive mould. Put all together ‘Back Room’ is a fine album in its own right despite the harking back to previous decades.

Label : Kitchenware Records

Release Date : 25 July 2005

Website : www.editorsofficial.com


  • Lights
  • Munich
  • Blood
  • Fall
  • All Sparks
  • Camera
  • Fingers In The Factories
  • Bullets
  • Someone Says
  • Open Your Arms
  • Distance

Editors are Tom Smith (vocals and guitar), Chris Urbanowicz (guitars), Russell Leetch(bass) and Ed Lays (drums).

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