Ed Harcourt – The Beautiful Lie (CD Review)

The prolific Ed is now releasing his fifth album in six years. Going by the name ‘Beautiful Lie’ the album is awash with luxurious production and engrossing tunes. There is an air of carnival, the personal touch, soul-searching and sentimentality to the whole album. None of these elements overwhelm but rather compliment each other sweetly and effectively.

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Ed Harcourt is a storyteller and spins his yarns elegantly and in a straightforward fashion. The result is an accessible selection of beautiful tunes. If these tales are lies then he can lie to me any time.

Label : Heavenly

Release Date : 05 June 2006

Website : www.edharcourt.com


  • Whirlwind In D Minor
  • Visit From The Dead Dog
  • You Only Call Me When You’re Drunk
  • Last Cigarette
  • Shadowboxing
  • Late Night Partner
  • Revolution In The Heart
  • Until Tomorrow Then
  • Scatterbraine
  • Rain On The Pretty Ones
  • Pristine Claw
  • I Am The Drug
  • Braille
  • Good Friends Are Hard To Find
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