Econoline – Music Is Stupid

Sounding like a distillation of the best of The Cure, Ride, the Jesus & Mary Chain and Dinosaur JrEconoline give damn good tune. The album captures the furious energy and captivating presence of their live set perfectly. Ian Scanlon sounds like a man wailing to be heard from the eye of a hurricane. The solid backing of jagged guitars and gut pounding drumbeats grabs you by the balls and takes your heart and mind willingly along for the ride. Econoline can do feeling too, without falling into sickening self-pity. There is a is a rich vein of honesty in this album here that draws you in more and more as you listen.

Be sure to catch their live dates in London and around the UK starting in October through to November (and beyond no doubt).

If you don’t like this album then you’re wrong.

Label : Seriously Groovy

Release Date : Out Now

Website :


  • [01] The C And The G
  • [02] I’m Plagued
  • [03] Empty Sign Up Sheet
  • [04] Junction Box
  • [05] Missing From Pictures
  • [06] Ounces And Ounces Of Solid Goodness
  • [07] Flypast Is GO!
  • [08] EMV
  • [09] Full Tar
  • [10] Buddy Bradley

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