Eberg – Plastic Lions

When someone can’t be bothered to say their own name you’d be justified in thinking that person was the manifestation of a special kind of laziness. In the case of Icelander Eberg (whose moniker is an abbreviation of his real name, Einar Tonsberg) it seems that he simply doesn’t have time to go around saying his full name.

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Not content with making beautiful and strange experimental pop music he also took it upon himself to invent his own instrument – the E-harp (essentially a coathanger, some guitar strings and a laptop).

The influences drawn on for Plastic Lions are extremely diverse and go together to make some very atmospheric electronic music. This is a stunning debut and needs to be heard by everyone.

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Label: Rotator
Website: www.rotator.co.uk
Release date: 5th July 2004


  • I Cannot Ask You To Live In A Flat
  • Smoker In A Film
  • Plastic Lions
  • Stupid Happy Song
  • Single Drop From Sea
  • Skuffukaka
  • The Small Hours
  • Frozen Lake
  • Dream Child
  • Analogue Brain
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