Earth The Californian Love Dream – In The Garden

The rather unwieldy moniker of Earth The Californian Love Dream is the current guise of a Nottingham based four-piece who have a pop edged garage rock sound. Having garnered praise from John Peel during ‘One Live in Nottingham’ and then playing a Queens of the Stone Age/Black Rebel Motorcycle Club aftershow gig they got an album together (released later this year). The first of the fruits of their labours is ‘In The garden’. Despite being shown up slightly by a much better eponymously titled b-side, ‘In The Garden’ takes rumbling guitars that crash into a fuzz-fuelled maelstrom and solidly rocks. The lyrics conspire to make a good sing along as well. ‘Earth the Californian Love Dream’ the song however launches forth like MC5 and then creates a fantastic wall of sound like early Jesus & Mary Chain. Superb!
Label : Random Recordings

Release Date : 9 February 2004

Website :


  • In The Garden
  • Earth The Californian Love Dream

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