Dwele – Subject

If you thought Detroit was full to the brim with angry rappers suing their mom’s and retro rockers blanching at the sight of a dat machine you’d be overlooking Dwele. Dwele (short for Andwele, which translates to “God has brought me” in Swahili it says here) is a singer and producer who has a penchant for old soul. ‘Subject’ is an earnest, jazz tinged, hip-hop scented, soulful R&B album that is (apparently) nu-soul.

Before I go on I should say that I don’t hear too much soul and R&B (I’ve nothing against it, I just don’t get sent much of it and tend to buy other things), there are sure to be many people who love this album. The problem I have with it is that, to listen to, it’s a bit dull. A flat tempo throughout makes this album too easy to ignore. I have listen to it several times, and am doing so now, and I can’t think of what the last song sounded like. It’s like wallpaper, a small part of it that is a nice design gets lost in the whole. I wouldn’t go so far as to say it is a bad album. Just not an especially good one.

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Label : Virgin

Release Date : 19 May 2003

Website : www.dewle.net


  • Intro (Poppa Yo)
  • Truth
  • Find A Way
  • Possible
  • Interlude (A.N.G.E.L.)
  • Day At A Time
  • Subject
  • Sho Ya Right
  • Money Don’t Mean A Thing
  • Hold On
  • Kick Out Of You
  • Without You
  • Interlude (Whoomp)
  • Lady At Mohogany
  • Let Your Hair Down

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