Drunk Horse – In Tongues

The follow-up to Drunk Horse’s 2003 album Adult Situations, In Tongues marks a period of great change and development for the band.

Lead guitarist John Niles exited the group before they re-entered the studio. To replace him two men were brought in; Joel Robinow (now a permanent member of the band) and former member of The Fucking Champs, Josh Smith. As a result, both had effect on the shape and sound of this album.

The first thing to obviously come from these new influences is Smith’s awesome slide guitar solo on Strange Transgressors, which really strangely compliments their chugging rock music.

Drunk Horse frontman Eli Eckert cites early ZZ Top as a big influence on the band and this shows throughout, particularly on songs like Vatican Shuffle and Reformed Asshole, but he also notes The Mahavishnu Orchestra (sometimes referred to as the 70’s Mars Volta). Though there are touches of this throughout the album, the intro of Grinding Teeth for instance, it really comes to light on the album’s closing track, Skydog, a heartfelt tribute to the origins of prog rock.

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  • The casual observer could easily dismiss In Tongues as just another garage rock album but those who actually stop and listen will find something more than that. While the thick, dirty riffs can be a bit overbearing at times, Drunk Horse have a great many tricks up their sleeves to excite and amaze.

    Label: Tee Pee Records
    Website: www.drunkhorse.com
    Release date: 11th July 2005


    1. Strange Transgressors
    2. Nice Hooves
    3. Howard Phillips
    4. Priestmaker
    5. Self-help
    6. Vatican Shuffle
    7. Grinding Teeth
    8. Reformed Asshole
    9. Reverse Close Encounter
    10. Skydog

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