Drunk Horse Gigs

Oakland’s DRUNK HORSE – Eli Eckert – guitar/ vocals; Cyrus Comiskey – bass/
double bass/ backing vocals; Cripe Jergensen drums who have now been
joined by ex-fucking Champs guitarist, Joshua Smith (replacing
John Niles)have confirmed the release of a limited edition double A-side
7″ (7SN025) “National Lust” on 19th April 2004. Re-recorded with Smith, the
original version can be found on their acclaimed studio album, ‘Adult
Situations’ (2003) the single is backed with the brand new song, “Classic
Move”. In addition to the release for the single the band have now confirmed
their debut shows in the UK for April 2nd and 24th.
Live Drunk Horse they’re exhilarating and bewildering both at the same time
with drummer Cripe Jergensen all over the rhythmic accents with the help of
bassist Cyrus Comiskey’s lowdown slide keeping the lurchy riffs driving
forward with hair-in-face Eckert and the precise riffmmaster Smith, they
playing their guitars – improvising a bit along the way – and delivering the
beef through Ampeg amplifiers older than they are.

See Drunk Horse’s twisted and skewed rock live in April:

    2-Apr London Windmill
    24-Apr London Metro

Book tickets through ticketmaster.co.uk

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