drinkme – Manifesto (CD Review)

drinkme are Julian and Ru, and the latest thing in disco rock. Their debut single is criminally good and features a couple of remixes that are the finest ear candy. They have a punk sensibility, the attitude and swagger of people who know they have something good. Alongside that they have the scream of jagged guitars and the power of pure electro. The combination is explosive and instantly gripping.

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If you won’t take my word for it then perhaps Steve Lamacq (Radio1), Alan McGee (Radio1) and Clare Sturgess (XFM) can convince you? They are all playing it on their radio shows. This is only available (for now) on 7″ vinyl and in limited quantities, so go and buy it now or you’ll miss out.

You can catch drinkme live at The Marquee in London on July 4th.

Label : Thing

Release Date : 20 June 2005

Website : www.drinkmeonline.co.uk


  • Manifesto
  • Vote Whitey (Whitey Deconstruction)
  • Manifesto (Le Remix De Ohm)
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