Drew – Songs From The Devil’s Chimney

Drew Kennett is clearly a man out of his own time; in fact, he is misplaced by a good thirty or forty years. I say this because ‘Songs From The Devils Chimney’ is, essentially, a sixties folk-rock album. With the assistance of Paul Butler (from The Bees), who produced this album, Drew has managed to create an album of great skill and beauty. If you are trying to imagine what this album sounds like then you should conjure into you mind a de-politicised Bob Dylan, a confident Nick Drake or a less experimental Paul Simon. The mood of the album is relaxed and intimate, the earnest guitar work occasionally lifted by strings and effects. The ‘Devil’s Chimney’ of the title is a local attraction from the home of both Drew and The Bees, the Isle of Wight.

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Label : Source

Release Date : 04 April 2004

Website : www.wearedrew.com


  • Dig Deeper
  • Nothing Left To Lose
  • Changing Face
  • You Don’t Know Me
  • Say You Love Her
  • Without Your Love
  • Don’t Be Denied
  • OK To Cry
  • Under The Weather
  • Leave The Fear
  • Goodbye For Now

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