Dressy Bessy – Sound Go Round

Sound Go Round Part of my fever was relieved when I popped Dressy Bessy in the player. Fat, stereo guitars and innocent as a sex kitten vocals floating on the sugary sweetness of 30-second-flavour bubblegum pop made me smile.

My new fix is girl singers and guitar bands, and Dressy Bessy are something special with their sparklingly diesel-based 4/4 pop and infectious melodies. Another of the CDs recommended to be my helpful (and amazingly knowledgeble, for a change) shop staff.

By the end of the CD it’s maybe 2-3 songs too many cut from the same cloth, but this is pop rock music. Pure and simple. Bottom line … I’ll buy more from these guys. Americans, with a definite sense of irony. Charming.
– Juan dos Passos


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