Dragster – Narcotic Zombie / Killer Bees (CD Review)

As an introduction to their new line-up, Dragster are releasing this download-only single; two tracks of adrenaline-fuelled rock n roll for fans of 80’s Matchbox B-line Disaster and Motorhead.

Narcotic Zombie is about those people who don’t know how to control their drug use, therefore giving the traditional precursor to rock n roll (aside from sex) a bad name. Killer Bees, um, well it’s something about honey and killer bees.

I defy you not to start playing some kind of air instrument the second this comes on. Go download, you digital hungry fiends!

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Label: Dragster
Website: www.dragsteronline.com
Release date: 6th Spetember 2004


  • Narcotic Zombie
  • Killer Bees
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