DR – Still Got Time / Bossanova Blue (Download Review)

DR, comprising a couple of London producers who are playing the nameless game at present, are releasing their debut single online. ‘Still Got Time’ starts promisingly sleazy and electro driven but quickly becomes a mess that seems to try to be way too many things at once – none of them satisfactorily.

The single is backed up by ‘Bossanova Blue’ which is a simple Kinobe, Man Called Adam, etc. style chill-out. There isn’t much to it, which is a mercy considering the state the other track got in. What there is, while pleasant, is ultimately forgettable.

I am beginning to understand why they won’t tell us their names…

Label : Tough Cookie

Release Date : 07 November 2005

Website : www.drmusic.co.uk


  • Still Got Time
  • Bossanova Blue

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