Doves – Some Cities (Archive Review)

‘Some Cities’ departs from the cosy intimate sound that Doves mastered in their earlier work. This new, grander, album has a sweeping air of a soundtrack. It is full of broad dramatic sweeps and extended downtempo passages that inspire majestic scenery in the minds eye while also sounding like the creation of a mind experiencing desolate loneliness. This conflict between the mundane and magical is the backbone of the Doves new sound. The jangle of guitars and metronomic drumming provide a beat to nod to but the dancing vibe, thanks to the generally ghostly ambiance, is missing from nearly all the tracks (notably ‘Walk On Fire’).

Buy Some Cities from

Buy Some Cities from

I would be lying if I gave the impression that the album is without a spark of joy and moments of redemption, but you have to look for them. This is a mature and reflective collection of songs that is a satisfyingly emotive listen.

Label : Heavenly

Release Date : 21 February 2005

Website :


  • Some Cities
  • Black And White Town
  • Almost Forgot Myself
  • Snowden
  • The Storm
  • Walk In Fire
  • One Of These Days
  • Someday Soon
  • Shadows Of Salford
  • Sky Starts Falling
  • Ambition

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