DJ Kentaro – On The Wheels Of Solid Steel

Ninja Tune originally picked Japanese DJ and world champion turntablist at the 2002 DMC World finals to create this mix of the Ninja Tune back-catalogue for his home market, where it was released in December 2004. However, in recognition of the fact that this is probably the best Solid Steel mix to date, the label decided it wasn’t really fair to only let Japan have it.

DJ Kentaro isn’t just about the decks though. While he is fantastic as a more traditional DJ, he is also a master of “visuscratching” – that’s mixing music and video live. To show the world what this guy is really about a DVD was also commissioned for the worldwide release of his mix.

Buy On The Wheels Of Solid Steel from
Buy On The Wheels Of Solid Steel from

As I already mentioned, this is the best Solid Steel mixes I’ve heard so far. It may even by the best mix CD I’ve heard, mixing together some fantastic drum n bass, jazz, electro and hip hop tracks. It would absolutely be worth parting with your cash just for the CD but with the bonus DVD you get another absolute must-have.

Showing off everything that DJ Kentaro is about through a series of short films we get to see how he’s as much a performer as he is a DJ in excerpts from one of his live shows, there’s a visual mix featuring animation and live footage (some of which you may recognise as being culled from the videos for Ninja Tune by Hexstatic and Animal Chin by Jaga Jazzist, along with brand new work) and finally a short multi-angle mix, which allows you to see exactly how Kentaro works the decks from 5 different vantage points.

If I had the money I would buy it for you, that’s how much I like this. I don’t have the money though, so you’re just going to have to get it yourself. Do it now.

Originally appeared on Indigo Flow

Label: Ninja Tune
Release date: 5th September 2005



  1. DJ Kentaro – Introduction
  2. Jaga Jazzist – Animal Chin
  3. Wagon Christ – King’s Lyn
  4. Animals On Wheels – Family
  5. The Clifford Gilberto Rhythm Combination – Brasilia Freestylee
  6. DJ Food – Scratch Yer Head (Squarepusher Mix)
  7. Coldcut – Border (feat. Silent Poets)
  8. Coldcut – Timber (DK recut)
  9. DJ Vadim – The Terrorist (feat. Moshun Man)
  10. The Herbaliser – 8 Point Agenda (Version 2) (feat. Latyrx)
  11. Pest – Chicken Spit & DJ Vadim – Up To Jah (feat. Demolition Man)
  12. DJ Food – Centre Of The Earth
  13. Coldcut – Give It Up
  14. Pest – Heard Yer Bird Moved In
  15. Wagon Christ – Deux Aus De Maia
  16. Wagon Christ – Sopping Shitty
  17. DJ Food – Dark Lady
  18. Happy Campers – No Mind (The Zen Experience)
  19. Funki Porcini – The Great Drive By (Flying Fish remix)
  20. Coldcut – Atomic Moog (Cornelius mix)


  1. Intro – Shuriken Cut
  2. Loop (Daigakuin Multi Angle)
  3. Live at Unit, Tokyo (Solid Steel Tour 28.01.05)
  4. On The Wheels Of Solid Steel – animation & DVJ visuscratch mix by DJ Kentaro
  5. Credits

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