Dimitri From Paris – Cruising Attitude

Turkish born Dimitri from Paris clearly has a love for sixties lounge and cocktail jazz. From his early days as a French Radio DJ he has been creating unique remixes of artists as diverse as James Brown and Björk. He has combined this kitsch with nu-soul and house to create ‘Cruising Attitude’. This album’s feel is relaxed in the extreme; the lilting jazz bass and percussion combined with the well chosen guest vocalists (singing in English, French and Japanese) gives the impression you are listening to the soundtrack to a sixties film.

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There are easy comparisons to be made with St. Germain, Pizzicato Five, Cibo Matto and even Lalo Schifrin. None of these comparisons, however, diminish what is a delightful album. ‘Cruising Attitude’ is just right for the summer days and nights – and you don’t even have to put your seat to the uprigtht position…

Label : Discograph

Release Date : 26 July 2004

Website : www.discograph.com


  • Welcome Aboard
  • Not Quite Disco
  • Strong Man (For Real) feat. Omar
  • Okinawa Love feat. Kisen Horino
  • La Vie feat. Helena Noguerra
  • This Is Your Life feat. Victor Davies
  • Le Soundtrack
  • Syracuse feat. Pink Martini
  • Merumo feat. Maki Nomiya
  • Toi Mon Auto feat. Helena Noguerra
  • Venusienne Dance feat. Daniel Wang
  • Live Jazz
  • San Juan Five-O
  • Paris-Brooklyn feat. Los Amogos Invisibles
  • Live Jazz (Masters At Work Remix Edit)

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