Devendra Banhart – Nino Rojo (CD Review)

Devandra Banhart has a voice that is rich and expressive. When he combines this with acoustic guitars and his vibrant (if occasionally bizarre) knack for storytelling the result is mesmerising. ‘Nino Rojo’ does hark back to the folk sounds of the sixties, but it was a powerful medium then and it is still so now. The range of these songs spans sweet pastoral songs, intense passionate anthem-ettes and some many layered vocal numbers. All are perfectly delivered in a sometimes imperfect way.


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Only the hardest of hearts or the most callous of spirit could fail to be moved and intoxicated by Devendra’s music.

Label : XL Recordings

Release Date : 27 September 2004

Website :


  • Wake Up Little Sparrow
  • Ay Mama
  • We All Know
  • Little Yellow Spider
  • A Ribbon
  • At The Hop
  • My Ships
  • Noah
  • Sister
  • Water May Walk
  • Horseheadedfleshwizard
  • An Island
  • Be Kind
  • Owl Eyes
  • The Good Red Road
  • Electric Heart

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