Dedalus/Politik – Split EP

I’ve had this CD for quite a while now but have so far failed to write the review I wanted for it. I want to write something that really does it justice and makes you go out and buy it instantly. Unfortunately, after many attempts, I have come to the conclusion that the review I want to write is an unattainable, sort of holy grail of music journalism. Basically, nothing’s ever going to be good enough. So, instead of starting and then tearing up or deleting what I write, I’m just going to tell you about this CD. Okay? Good.

Right then, this split EP is the first release from Aberdeen-based label Nomad AM and features two bands from the same area, Dedalus and Politik.

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Dedalus play like a who’s who of indie rock from the last three decades, with shades of Joy Divisions, Slint and Interpol in their sound. They are, very simply, one of the best new UK bands I have heard all year. An album is planned for next year but you really need to get on this bandwagon right now.

Maybe it’s because they follow a band I am totally in awe of but I didn’t initially take to them. They still suffer a little in my mind for following a band I’m totally in awe of but I have come to realise now that they are a very good band. They play in the same kind of area but with more of a Sonic Youth slant with some excellent melodies and guitar work.

Right, now go and buy it.

Label: Nomad AM
Release date: Out now


  1. Dedalus – Almost Parallel
  2. Dedalus – Seconds
  3. Dedalus – Upon Reflection
  4. Politik – Maquette
  5. Politik – Debut
  6. Politik – A Memento
  7. Politik – Music For Backgrounds
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