Death From Above 1979 – Romantic Rights (CD/12” Review)

The second phase of the re-release of the ‘Romantic Rights’ remixes will give those of you vinyl addicts, CD junkies and people who can’t be bothered with the messing about of buying music in download form to get another taste of the Death From Above 1979 magic.

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Yet again the angular guitars of ‘Romantic Rights’ are tweaked and warped by Erol Alkan and Jesper Dahlback. Jesper Dahlback takes the choppy original and in his remix adds a throbbing bass, hand claps and squelching synths to build the track into a track that is designed to get lost in and dance. Dahlback also provides a ‘dub’ version that is no less driven by House and freed from the distraction from hedonism that the vocals might provide.

Buy ‘Romantic Rights’ CD from Amazon

The more familiar Erol Alkan remix that helped propel the original release is also available in all its discopunk style glory. There is a furious intensity about the track as it takes the energy impossibly high, crashed and rebuilds beautifully. The end of the track seems to come all too soon and demands numerous replays.

Label : 679

Release Date : 7 November 2005

Website :

Tracks on CD

    Romantic Rights (Jesper Dahlback Remix) [5:47]
    Romantic Rights (Erol Alkan Remix) [6:22]
    Black History Month (Josh Homme Remix) [4:40]
    Romantic Rights (Jesper Dahlback Dub) [5:44]

Tracks on 12″

    A1) Romantic Rights (Jesper Dahlback Remix)
    A2) Romantic Rights (Jesper Dahlback Dub)
    B1) Romantic Rights (Erol Alkan Mix)

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