Death From Above 1979 – Romantic Rights (CD Review)

‘Romantic Rights’ is the searingly hot new single from Death From Above 1979. The angular guitars, fuzz bass, screaming keyboards and the sound of a drum kit being nailed to the floor whirl about each other in this cyclonic punk-blues-rock-dance masterpiece. Honestly, it’s brilliant; it has passion, pace and power in (ace of) spades.


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The original version is accompanied by first the Alphonzo Falcone reworking that beefs up the percussion and gives the track an extra level of urgency and irresistible energy. Next is the equally sublime Phones Lovers remix that takes a more German electronica slant on affairs with slipping beats and electrified bass. There is also the chaotic and furiously fast ‘Do It 93!’ that features pacey robotised vocals, crashing guitars and more bluesy punk brilliance.

Label : 679/Last Gang Records

Release Date : 01 November 2004

Website :


  • Romantic Rights (Alphonzo Falcone’s Love From Below Re-Edit)
  • Romantic Rights (The Phones Lovers Remix)
  • Do It 93!
  • Romantic Rights

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