Death From Above 1979 – Black History Month (CD Review)

Death From Above 1979 are once again bringing the noise. The deep, jagged guitar work, beats like hard electro and harsh vocals that are the trademark of DFA 1979 are in full effect. Except the vocals. ‘Black History Month’ has a smoother style applied to the lyrics, making the nearest thing to a ballad that these boys have released. At its core the song still rocks and takes no prisoners. There are remixes available on the single; the first is the Sammy Danger remix that plays up the electro tendencies with squelches, sharp whipping high hats and loops while retaining the core of the song.

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Also included is a track like Georgio Moroder with a migraine. The speed and energy of ‘Luno’ is fantastic, as is the old skool apeggiating synth that lifts the track out of the dark depths of bass and fuzz. The second of the remixes of ‘Black History Month’ is by Alan Brake and Fred Falke which separates the original into its constituents and makes great play of introducing the guitars into the early house style reworking.

Label : 679

Release Date : 13 June 2005

Website :


  • Black History Month
  • Black History Month (Sammy Danger Remix)
  • Luno
  • Black History Month (Alan Brake & Fred Falke Remix)

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