Dear Eskiimo – Be Patient EP (CD Review)

Dear Eskiimo are a Manchester based trio who have seemingly disparate backgrounds in pop, indie, beats and more besides. The combination of the three of them is indie guitars and song writing, hip hop beats and witty lyrics. Starting with the (sort of) title track ‘Patience’ that slowly builds itself, through stabbing strokes and stretched out vocals into a classy and sassy little number with raps and complex rhythms before returning to simplicity one more. ‘Jack & Jill’ throws more overt guitar play into the mix and twists its own lyrics cleverly.

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The highlight of the EP for me is ‘Don’t Wanna Feel’; it hits the ground running and manages to take the spirit of both old school hip hop and a sun bleached pop hit. This is the kind of mercilessly fun track that demands you like it through forceful positivity and a catchy tune. Finishing of the record is ‘Traffic Light’, a song that blends hand claps and wordplay into a sweet defiance.

‘Be Patient’ is the debut release from Dear Eskiimo, they have an album due early in the new year though and if this is anything to go by it should be a corker.

Label : Key

Release Date : 31 October 2005

Website :


  • Patience
  • Jack & Jill
  • Don’t Wanna Feel
  • Traffic Light

Dear Eskiimo are Katie White, Jules de Martino and Simon Templeman.

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