Dead Star Assembly – Unsaved (CD Review)

I knew this would be fun from the cover of the album, slightly ridiculous name in Gothic script a picture on the back of them looking as evil in a brilliantly camp way – the whole album reeked of synthesised angst. ‘Unsaved’ delivers on all that with a leaden mixture of synths, drums, screams and heavy guitars that begs you to take it seriously but is just too contrived and silly.

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The album has way too clean a sound to be affective in its clear intent to be twisted, perverted, satanic and in all other ways malevolent. The persistent chugging and very pop eighties keyboards make this a kind of heavy disco.Honestly, if you want a good laugh then try picking this up – It’s fun!.

Label : The A Label

Release Date : 29 May 2006

Website :


  • Unsaved Pt. 1 [1:17]
  • Unsaved Pt. 2 [2:54]
  • Killing myself again [3:52]
  • Dejected [3:34]
  • Naive [4:42]
  • And ashes will fall [4:13]
  • Showing teeth [0:56]
  • Darker now [4:05]
  • Pale blue [4:51]
  • Bled [4:03]
  • Serial [4:10]
  • Insurrection [3:16]
  • At both ends [4:29]
  • Death wish [4:02]
  • Perfectliy destroyed [1:20]
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