David Wrench – Sodium Lights (CD Review)

This is not quite what I was expecting from a man whose production credits include The Blueskins, Beth Orton, Julian Cope and Ian McCulloch. The fact that he is (apparently) a 6’5″ albino with a penchant for wearing while leather shouldn’t make any difference to the music but it is intriguing nonetheless. Given all of this and the fact he has recently been supporting both the Scissor Sisters and British Sea Power had me fired up with anticipation of eccentricity, if not madness, and innovation, if not startling new sounds; imagine my surprise when I found that ‘Sodium Lights’ is a very eighties pop number which reminds me an awful lot of Erasure.

David Wrench has his debut album, ‘The Atomic World Of Tomorrow’, coming out on 28th February.

Label : Storm

Release Date : 07 February 2005

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