David Poe – The Late Album

Bridging the gap between the Rat Pack and the modern singer songwriter sits New York City’s Mr David Poe. He makes this happy medium his own with this new album a – as the title suggests – somewhat delayed follow up to his eponymous debut in 1997. Not that he has been sitting on his arse counting the royalties; far from it, he has been busy playing support to the likes of Tori Amos, Bob Dylan, and Beth Orton while finding time to write the eleven beatifully constructed tracks on this CD.

There is more of a pronounced swing influence on this album and Poe carries it of with aplomb while adding his own dark urban lyrics and the occasional flash of humour. Other tracks are modern through and through, the brilliant Childbearing or the haunting The Late Song for example. We get country, elecro folk, acoustic numbers and more; Each one faultless and memorable. There are no bad tracks here and nothing sounds out of place.

Now he is past the ‘difficult’ second album there will be no stopping him.
Label : Sony

Release Date : Out Now On Import

Website : www.davidpoe.org


  • Ringer
  • Echo Box
  • Childbearing
  • The Late Song (Je Ne Suis Pas Mort)
  • The Drifter
  • Wear Your Best
  • You’re The Bomb
  • Good Lonely
  • Never I Will
  • Deathwatch For a Living Legend
  • Love Won’t Last The Afternoon
  • and the bonus track…

  • Drifter (Acoustic Version)
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