Dave Clarke feat. Chicks On Speed – What’s Her Name?

Skint’s Dave Clarke has created a techno wonder for his latest release. Glitchy samples and persistent rumbling bass energise and drive this single. The Chicks On Speed provide vocals in their own distinct mix of the demure and the frenetic. The partnership works really well and any fan of the Chicks (and that would include me, their latest album (’99 Cents’) is brilliant) will love this. Of the mixes available the original remains the daddy, providing a cool and detached vocal that clashes in just the right way with the intensity of the music.
Label : Skint

Release Date : 9 February 2004

Website : www.skint.net


  • What’s Her Name (Original)
  • What’s Her Name (Radio Edit)
  • What’s Her Name (LFO Remix)
  • What’s Her Name (Blackstrobe Remix)

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