Dappled Cities Fly – ‘A SMILE’

Out 18 October 2004
on Smash Music / Stomp

Dappled Cities Fly are happy, joyous and delighted to deliver you their highly anticipated debut album, “A SMILE”.

The album, produced by Jonathan Burnside of The Sleepy Jackson and The Melvins fame, is an apt illustration of this young band’s yearnings for futurism, bliss and beauty. The sounds that are uncovered within the 11 tracks are an adventure into the future, stretching from jarring industrialism to indie-clad innocence. It is an uplifting tale.

Since collectively reaching the legal age in 2001, the 4-piece (led by co-frontmen Dave Rennick and Tim Derricourt) have released several recordings that got on the national radar through radio play and critical acclaim. With two years of interstate touring, the band intensified their spontaneous and dynamic stage show, while reviewers drew comparisons to the likes of Television, Built to Spill, The Smiths and Pavement, and and occasional episode of Sesame Street. Being toted by Rolling Stone Magazine as a ‘band to watch in 2004’, they have since supported various international contemporaries, including Grandaddy, The Folk Implosion, The Brian Jonestown Massacre and The Fiery Furnaces.

The recent single, Cream, was the second offering from the forthcoming debut album, the follow up to the first single, Peach. The longplayer, A Smile, is for those who couldn’t get enough of
Peach and Cream.

In the words of the band themselves:

“Each song is its own thing, its own little city. Together, it’s reminiscent of place going through a major time of change. In Peach and Blame it on the Boys, the city is central, and the city’s highrises are a breathing machine, rising up and down. The League of German Girls, My Head’s Queen Ant and Faces weave in and out of the ocean, up streams and down harbours, resting in lakes. Cream and Corpus Kinaesthesia throw rocks into a cave and we listen for the echo when we shout down a gorge. Finally Die in Your Eyes, As I lay dying and Make You Happy jump back, then forth, smiling and looking, with all your friends around.”

Dave Rennick – guitar / vox
Tim Derricourt – guitar / vox
Alex Moore – bass
Hugh Boyce – drums


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