Dangerdoom – Old School (CD Review)

The collaboration of MF Doom and Danger Mouse that created the album ‘Mouse And The Mask’ has spawned a single. Dangerdoom’s ‘Old School’ brings Talib Kweli into the team and produces a playful and light melody over some real bass heavy beats. A perfect vehicle for the rapping of both MF Doom and his guest.

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Remixes are available of the album tracks ‘Space Ho’s’ and ‘Sofa King’. Madlib’s take on ‘Space Ho’s’ is backed by a 1970’s sitcom TV theme but is propelled by the samples and rap laid on top.. Danger Mouse remixes ‘Sofa King’ and this double imprinting creates a smooth and sparse bed for Doom to lay his deep rapping on.

Label : Lex

Release Date : 10 July 2006

Website : www.dangerdoom.com


  • Old School Rules – Dangerdoom & Talib Kweli
  • Old School Rules
  • Space Hos
  • Sofa
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