Daedelus – Exquisite Corpse

Still wet from his production work on parts of Bus Driver’s new album, Fear Of A Black Tangent, Daedelus hits us with his own album to push forward avant-core.

He’s not short of people to help out either, along the way the album features input from MF Doom, Sci from Scienz Of Life, Laura Darling, Prefuse73, TTC, CYNE, Mike Ladd, Jogger and Hrishikesh Hirway from The One AM Radio, all of whom add to the rich variety of shades and tones on Exquisite Corpse.


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As the hip hop on view to the general public becomes more and more formulaic and boring, the likes of Daedelus and his contemporaries are showing what can really be done with the genre and prove that it’s still as exciting today as it’s ever been.

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Label: Ninja Tune
Website: www.daedelusdarling.com
Release date: 7th March 2005


  1. Dearly Departed
  2. Impending Doom
  3. Just Briefly
  4. Move On (with Sci)
  5. Now And Sleep (starring Laura Darling)
  6. The Crippled Hand
  7. Welcome Home (Prefuse73 Danse Macabre)
  8. Drops (CYNE collaboration)
  9. Fallen Love
  10. Welcome Home (with Mike Ladd)
  11. (i) Sent Off (ii) Sus Percoll Jogger Remix
  12. The Trains Are Now So Clean
  13. Thanatopsis (featuring Hrishikesh Hirway)
  14. Cadavre Exquis (avec TTC)
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