Crash Convention – Patrick O’Neil / Making Faces

Coming on like a cross between The Libertines and At The Drive-In, Crash Cartel’s debut single opens with Patrick O’Neil, a timeless tribute to girls and beer (vocalist Chris Barret met a girl in an O’Neils pub on Patrick day, hence the title). The second A-side keeps up the pace in the same vein and the CD ends with a live version of Keep It Shut, which features some of the worst backing vocals I’ve ever heard. Either that or someone died near a microphone.

This single doesn’t display them to be anything particularly special but the songs are good and they’ve got plenty of time to get better.

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Label: Irresponsible Recordings

Release date: 3 May 2004


  • Patrick O’Neil
  • Making Faces
  • Keep It Shut (Live)
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