Crackout – Oh No!

Crackout have returned from their recording studio having finished the ten songs that make up ‘Oh No!’. The Bicester threesome have done some good work. The album launches fourth with ‘Out Of Our Minds’ and continues rocking all the way through. Steve’s vocals are frail and fierce by turns, put to great effect in tracks like ‘Wait’ and ‘Feel At Home’.

There are echoes of The Cure in places, mixed in with the sporadic flurry of guitars and drums. At their greatest rock moments, like ‘All This Colour’ they create a huge sound. They mix this with ease with slower, more indie spirited, tracks like ‘Freakin’ All Night’ that have no less an impact. ‘Oh No!’ is full of tracks that are head and shoulders better than many of their peers. They can rock, they have some great hooks, they have cathartic songs that don’t make them sound like a bunch of miserable egotists, and they make it seem effortless.

Crackout are supporting Haven on their Spring tour.

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Label : Hut Recordings

Release Date : 15 March 2004

Website :


  • Out Of Our Minds
  • Insect Song
  • This Is What We Do
  • Wait
  • Freakin’ All Night
  • All This Colour
  • Pale
  • Way Too Long
  • Robots Have Feelings
  • Feel At Home

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