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Due to the volume of mail replies cannot be guaranteed but we do try to get back to everyone as soon as possible.

You can submit your reviews and press releases to betweenplanets.  We’d love to hear from you if you are in a band and want to publicise your gig or new release.  Also, we accept review submissions for gigs, single, albums and more.

Naturally, these submissions are subject to acceptance by betweenplanets and we cannot guarantee inclusion so please bear that in mind.

Please note that the following will be routinely ignored,

ONE – Press releases that use bright colours, use random font sizes, odd text effects, are hard to decipher and basically look like they were knocked up by a five year old on a sugar high.  They don’t make you look ‘wacky and interesting’ they just make your press release hard to read and therefore very easy to dismiss entirely.

TWO – Invitations to link to your random website.

THREE – Abuse regarding a review you didn’t like. We don’t mind having facts corrected or constructive criticism but abusive mail just wastes our time.  Also, you’d be better off commenting on the page itself.

FOUR – We are not a record label, artist management agency or PR firm.

FIVE – Spam, naturally.

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