3 Colours Red – Union Of Souls

There was a time in the late 90’s when 3 Coulours Red were one of the biggest bands in the UK; praise was lavished upon them wherever they went and all was well. When it all came to an end they played two farewell shows at the reading and Leeds festivals – I was in the packed tent for the Reading show and, as I remember, it was a good send off.

In 2003 the band returned with a new single, repeat To Fade, and here sees the release of what might be called their comeback album.

I think it was apparent even at their peak that 3CR were a band very much of their time. Since their split they have been superseded by a new generation of groups and this often causes Union Of Souls to sound derivative and a bit cheesy. Pete Vuckovic;s voice often sounds strained and while they write a good chorus, the songs aren’t really anything special when listened to closely. However, one Saturday afternoon I did listen to the album while reading the paper and found that it made pretty good background music – I’m sure that’s not what the band intended though.

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Things usually come to an end for a good reason and it’s rarely the best idea to revisit them. For reference see: Sex Pistols, The and fireworks.

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Label: Mighty Atom
Website: www.3cr.co.uk
Release date: 5th July 2004


  • The Union Of Souls
  • Repeat To Fade
  • The World Is Yours
  • Desensitise
  • Counterfeit Jesus
  • Ceasefire
  • Made In Indonesia
  • Land Of Debris
  • F.C.K.U.
  • Lullaby
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