Colder – To The Music (CD Review)

Colder – AKA Marc Nguyen Tan – release the second single from the album ‘Heat’. The Parisian has created a dispassionately sexual electro song that’s more infectious than any nightmarish bird flu story you may have heard recently. The beats are solid and primal while there are underplayed guitars that lift the bass that fuels the track.

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There are a mass of reworkings available on the single including an excellent vocal remix from Midnight Mike as well as Engels brilliantly downtempo interpretation.

Label : Output

Release Date : 06 February 2006

Website :


  • To The Music (Radio Edit)
  • To The Music (Midnight Mike Vocal Remix)
  • To The Music (Engel Remix)
  • To The Music (Lotterboys Remix)
  • To The Music (Arto’s Mwarmer Remix)
  • To The Music (George Demure Version)
  • To The Music (Original Version)

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