Clearlake – Neon (Domino)

So. You like indie music. OK. Then why haven’t you got ‘Amber’, the new
Clearlake album yet? I’ve already told you how good it is, yet what do you
do instead? You go and slurp up abhorrent toss like the Arctic Monkeys
album, thinking you’re being a bit clever with it. Well, frankly, I think
you need to take a long hard look at yourself in the mirror. Go on. GO ON.
If you think I sound angry here, I’m actually using a cunningly-honed,
albeit slightly tenuous, journalistic technique (and not merely an attempt
to reach my word quota for this review as quickly as possible. Of course
not. Ooh, over 100 already.) How? Because ‘Neon’ sounds angry too. Full of
grungy guitars, righteous indignation and fury (you get the drift as soon as
a disenfranchised Jason Pegg starts spitting out lyrics like “All the high
streets look the same”). And a, er, harmonica. The b-sides have,
essentially, got the blues, whilst the disappointing accompanying remixes
phone in some dance beats and, well, not much else at all really. So, you
don’t really ‘need’ this single, but must, to reiterate, purloin ‘Amber’.
And clean up that mess too. It’s like a pigsty in here. MS (CMU)

Release date: 27 Mar

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