Clap Your Hands Say Yeah – Is This Love (7” Review)

Every so often there is a band that manages to generate such a buzz off their own back; Clap Your Hands Say Yeah are one such band. Their self titled debut album has been a top seller in many places in the States and is due for a release here in January. To whet your appetite there is a 7″ of ‘Is This Love’. From the jangly guitar beginnings, bright keyboards and distinctive vocals that rush the lyrics past you with abandon this is a fantastic debut.

‘Clap Your Hands Say Yeah [IMPORT]’
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The lightness of the music, contrasting the the tragedy of the lyrics, sways between different tempos and intensities masterfully. If the album has more like this they should be unstoppable.

Label : Wichita

Release Date : 28 November 2005

Website :

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