Ciccone – My Summer Never Comes / Last Breath (CD Review)

A new double A-side from Ciccone is always welcome; especially when it shows off opposing sides of their songwriting range. The riotously confrontational ‘My Summer Never Comes’ that is only tempered by its reflective chorus, is a jagged little gem. Mickey has taken the vocal lead for it and it is the emphasis he places on each word that gives the song a rebellious edge.

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Flipping over to the other A-side there is the exposed fragility of ‘Last Breath’ which manages to be tender and strong simultaneously. There is a likeness in the broken delicacy of Rebekah’s vocals to Drugstore’s Isabel Monteiro. Both of these tracks are taken from Ciccone’s debut album ‘Eversholt Street’.

Label : Human Recordings

Release Date : 05 September 2005

Website :


  • My Summer Never Comes
  • Last Breath

Ciccone are Rebekah Delgardo (vocals/guitar), Micky Strickson (vocals/guitar), Danny Le Pelley (bass) and Damo Waters (drums).

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