Ciccone – Look At You Now

Ciccone’s latest single (following on from the indie hits ‘Forget Your False Messiahs’ and ‘All Stacked Up’) is a bouncy alternative floor filler that has all the happy pop hooks and a darker lyrical underbelly. There is healthy knowing cynicism to ‘Look At You Now’ that is given form with humour, charm and energy; the repeated refrain of ‘Give me 50p, I’ll show you a good time’ is great to dance to, sing along to but disturbing if you choose to engage your brain over your feet. Ciccone’s influences may more generally be new wave and 50’s rock but for this track they are more akin to the great indie disco of the early 90’s like Sleeper or The Primitives.

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The new album by Ciccone, entitled ‘Eversholt Street’, will be released on September 13th. Remember to check for gig details.

Label : Human Recordings

Release Date : 16 August 2004

Website :


  • Look At You Now
  • You’re Beautiful, You’ll Get By
  • Put Me To Bed (3 Man Wall extended mix)

Ciccone are Rebekah Delgado (Vocals/ Guitars), Micky Strickson (Vocals/ Guitars) and Damo Waters (Drums).

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