Ciccone – Eversholt Street

This is the debut album by Ciccone. It follows on from their success with the singles “Forget Your False Mess’iahs”, “All Stacked Up” and most recently “Look At You Now”. Now they have created a full length extravaganza of new wave rock and roll meets the sound of the suburbs with an audacious and witty edge.

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There are a good number of high points in ‘Eversholt Street’. ‘Look At You Now’, ‘Just Got Laid’, If I Could Prove You Wrong’ and ‘F.U.U.K’ are all tracks with an immediacy, vibrancy and driving energy. There are more sedate tracks like ‘Put Me To Bed’ and ‘Last Breath’ that each have intimate and touchingly broken vocals that tug effortlessly on the heartstrings.

Put all that together and you have an album of passionate songs, with humour, pathos and attitude.

Label : Human Recordings

Release Date : 13 September 2004

Website :


  • Flagellate (Cuido Lo Que Dices)
  • Look At You Now
  • You’re Beautiful, You’ll Get By
  • Just Got Laid
  • If Friday Falls Through
  • Boy Oh Boy (Por Favor Mi Amor)
  • Give Me One Good Reason To Carry on
  • Oh Eversholt
  • F.U.U.K
  • My Summer Never Comes
  • Put Me To Bed
  • If I Could Prove You Wrong
  • Last Breath
  • There Is A Light

Ciccone are Damo Waters (Drums), Micky Strickson (Vocals/Guitars) and Rebekah Delgardo (Vocals/Guitars).

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