Cherryfalls – Winter/Winter

Island’s next big hope, not least because they were signed and championed by MD Nick Gatfield, Cherryfalls’ debut has all the makings of a successful album.

The band sound quite similar to Snow Patrol – in fact, while listening in a bit of a daze on one occasion I became convinced that I was listening to a compilation with Snow Patrol on it when recent single My Drug started up. However, similarities aside, Cherryfalls white songs that are both atmospheric and anthemic.

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  • While this band should be appealing to fans of their current competition – Keane, Athlete, Coldplay and the aforementioned Snow Patrol – they do have a bite to them that could potentially draw in those put off by the love and self doubt that is the stock in trade of their forerunners. That’s not to say those elements don’t appear here but lines like “I want to find you/I want to knock you down/And when I find you/I want to fuck you up” (Standing Watching) and the rock implosion at the end of El Pussy display a band who may sound a bit soft but won’t be messed with.

    Whether or not the public will decide they need another band like this remains to be seen but by rights, Cherryfalls should probably outsell them all.

    Label: Island Records
    Release date: 21st March 2005


    1. In Your Arms Again
    2. Bound To Lose
    3. My Drug
    4. Standing Watching
    5. Buy Yourself A Dream
    6. Do It Yourself
    7. Leave It Alone
    8. Stars Fill The Skies
    9. Mirror Smile
    10. El Pussy
    11. The Prize
    12. Make Time
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